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Back Pieces Tattoos

In this gallery you will find a handful of back piece tattoos that i made.
When you tattoo your all back, you have to take in consideration a few things.
first thing first
Shit doesn’t just happen it takes time and effort … in other words,
It takes time to make a good design because the first one is never the best køb cialis.
The second thing you have to remember is, that The tattoo itself is going to take time to tattoo, here are a few factors.
how much you can sit per session .
how fast your tattoo artist work .
how intricate is your tattoo design .

and the last one ….it hurts .

Keep in mind that all the tattoos that you see, are hand drawn by me …
it is all original, and there is a lot of hard work, heart and blood in it.
This tattoos were custom made for my dear clients.
We hope you will enjoy and get inspirat .

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Samurai Actupos Fighting
Phenix Alfish Girl
Two Ravens Fighting
Samurai Phenix Danceing
Ajax Back Piece tattoo
Peacock Feather Tattoo
Maurits Cornelis Escher Tattoo