12 07, 2016

ravens dancing in the wind back piece tattoo

2018-04-17T14:28:37+02:00July 12th, 2016|Back Pieces, Tattoo projects|0 Comments

This tattoo a.k.a 2 ravens dancing in the wind  i did a while ago , a full back piece tattoo with color , the sketch was custom made by me to fit the wishes and the needs of the client  (i did what i want ) ,
the tattoo was made in a few sessions , soon i will upload some of the early stages of the making of.


19 05, 2016

Dragon cover up

2018-04-17T14:28:38+02:00May 19th, 2016|Cover up, Tattoo projects|1 Comment

first thing first

we started with this on the lower arm… my client collected this tattoos over the years by doing small add ons to the little things that he already had…. it became a mix of languages with no core line .
in order to cover it… with the understanding that it’s going to be dark…. we came up with the idea of a dragon underwater…. full color needed.


then we made a sketch based on that idea…  actually i made a few of them sketches, and in the end i got it the way i wanted it , this is what you see here .



Here you can see the stencil stage and the line stage next to each other .