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Black & Gray tattoos

Typically, black-and-gray tattoo work is produced by diluting the black ink with distilled water in varying proportions to create a “wash” that results in lighter shades.
Gray shades can also be produced by mixing small amounts of black ink with white ink, which produces a thicker but brighter result and requires a slower application.
Shading is typically an important component for these types of tattoos as they will fade over a period of years without strong black tones, which provide contrast and allows the tattoo to stand out.
Subtle kinds of shading in black-and-gray are considered to require a high level of skill and illustrates professionalism in the industry.

Jesus Tattoo
The Kiss Rodin Tattoo
Pocket Watch Tattoo
Pocket Watch Tattoo
Pocket Watch Tattoo
Lady's Pistol  Tattoo
Lizard Tattoo
Russian Egg Tattoo
Pray Tattoo
Roses Cross Tattoo
Clock Tattoo
Dog Tattoo
Octopus  Tattoo
Dragon Tattoo
Flower Wind Tattoo
Flower Wind Tattoo
The Eye Tattoo
Tibetan Skull
Tibetan Skull
Beatle Tattoo
Beatle Tattoo
Archaeologist Tattoo
Archaeologist Tattoo
Archaeologist Tattoo
Wings Tattoo
Clock Script Tattoo
Sugar Skull Tattoo
Bird Tattoo
Old Compass Tattoo
Old Compass Tattoo
Buddha Tattoo
Rose Tattoo
Shild Tattoo
Owl Watch Tattoo
Koi Hannya Tattoo
Koi Hannya Tattoo
Flying Owl Tattoo
Skull Plugs Tattoo
Buddha Lotus Tattoo
Car Tattoo
Tiger Dragon Tattoo
Skull Dagger Tattoo
Guitar Tattoo
Dragon Head Tattoo
Bio Tattoo
Bio Tattoo
Sea Compass
New Born Tattoo
Lotus Water Tattoo
Religion Tattoo
Lotus In Water Tattoo
Amsterdam Ajax Tattoo
Mix Tattoo
White Tara Tattoo