This gallery is a showcase of designs i made for tattoos.
some of the designs became permanent art as tattoo in somebody’s skin, and some are just laying in the drawer waiting for somebody to claim and make it his own n├╝tzlicher link.
all the designs are hand made old fashion drawn, as i said before it take time and effort, blood, sweat and tears to make every one of them please do not copy but be inspired.
if you do think of getting something or just need help with finlizing your idea, you are more then welcome to contact me at the contact page.
Making an appointment do not means that you have to get a tattoo.
i will be happy to help you with realizing your idea and make a tattoo design.

Sea Ocean Design
Dragon Design
Katana Skull Design
Dragon Design
Dragon Design
Samurai Design
Samurai Design
Kung Fu Panda Design
Phenix Design
Guitar Design
Bird Design
Clock Design
Snake Design
Handgrenade Design
Dragon Desin
Brushes Design
Beatles Design
Amsterdam Design
Fish Koi Design
Cat Design
Devinci Design
Dragon Design
Lutos Design
Chicken Turtle Design
Devinci Design
Owl Design
Diamond  Design
Heart Design
Dragon Design
Owl Design